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Ciat Lonbarde

Studworth Bistab 2021 Painted Wood by Peter Blasser

Studworth Bistab 2021 Painted Wood by Peter Blasser

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Crafted by hand from the first cuts of wood by Peter Blasser in the Berlin Woodshop. This limited line of 1 of a kind Tocante Studworth was cut, painted by Blasser Himself. The larch is the wood he selected for the first cuts on the new machines he set up in berlin. This one of a kind Bistab has a unique scale only to it and no other. It comes with a full 2 year manufacture warranty, and official PSU.

The Tocante Bistab is a square Wave analog Synthesizer with 24 voices developed by Peter Blasser of Ciat Lonbarde. This special version of the Bistab allows for pulse width modulation effects with the glitch points.

The metal notes can be touched as well for glitching and vca effects of the individual voices.

The unit has an internal rechargeable battery that is charged via the solar panel in the sun. It can also be powered by an included 12v universal power supply.

There is a mono output to plug into a PA system, amp, pedals or mixer.

Shipping Worldwide via UPS express from Lisbon Portugal.

Full 2 Year Warranty
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