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Ciat Lonbarde

Ieaskul F. Mobenthey - Sprott DIY workshop (LISBON)

Ieaskul F. Mobenthey - Sprott DIY workshop (LISBON)

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March 4th
Patch Point, R. da Voz do Operário 62, 1100-621 Lisboa, Portugal

Come and join the Sprott DIY workshop!

The Sprott module is a model of chaotic jerk system with standardized voltage control of all parameters. Thus, the chaotic attractor can be shrank down to distill the module into a resonant filter that is the dynamical sub- circuit underlying most jerk systems. It is named after J.C. Sprott who has published numerous papers, articles and books on chaos and chaotic circuits, from a rigorous physical view-point. 

By attending the workshop you will build your own Sprott. All parts and tools will be provided by Patch Point. The Lisbon Crew will guide you through the build.

We will work in small groups and therefore ask you to pick a suitable start time.

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