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please choose boat

by Random*Source

*Warning!!! Due to issues reported by users, and malfunctioning devices, we do not support the use of third party Power Supplies- using such will void your warranty.

4-8 week lead time. 

Choose from a regular (66mm) or slim (43mm) boat.

Comes w/ power cable.

Perfectly calibrated.

Full 2 year Warranty.

Mantra is an extremely versatile Serge system and an ideal start in the Serge Modular music system.

■ Sequencer 8 (SEQ8): the classic Serge Sequencer optimized for audio speeds and with a new GATE output that allows the pushbuttons to be used asa mini-keyboard.

■ Dual Universal Slope Generator XL (DSG mk2 XL): a massively enhanced 2018 version of the famous Serge DSG module. The DSG has been optimized for better tracking (up to 4 octaves), temperature stability and speed. On top of a DSG mk2, it features SINE(oid) outputs, NOT RISE outputs, additional VC BOTH inputs, a PULSE OUT in the top half plus an integrated Serge PEAK & TROUGH. Most likely the most versatile and powerful Serge module ever.

■ Active Processor (ACPR): The top section is a new 2017 version design by Serge by Serge himself, improving the original linear crossfader. The bottom section is a new FLIP-FLOP module, that takes a pulse sequnce as input and generates alternating gate signals on the two outputs for a number of uses, such as pulse divider (/2) or sub-oscillator. ■ Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG): the R*S version of the classic Serge westcoast module, optimized for audio. The SSG is one of the deepest Serge modules, providing a number of uses: as oscillator / LFO, audio filter, glide, sample-and-hold and many more. In combination with the Serge Noise, the SSG can be patched as a Random Voltage Generator.

■ Serge Noise (NOI): white noise, pink noise and a crazy saw as S/H source. RANDOM*SOURCE RANDOMSOURCE.NET 2 Serge MANTRA

■ Dual Slopes (DSG mk2) a.k.a. “TimeGen Osc”: another incarnation of the DSG mk2 where the left side is hard-wired to cycle for oscillator or LFO duties, offering the same improved tracking and stability.

■ Variable Q Filter (VCFQ): the most popular, extremely versatile Serge filter offering simultaneous low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch (band-reject) outputs. The resonance (Q) of this filter is dynamically variable by manual or voltage control. The VCFQ has two signal inputs. One incorporates an automatic gain control to prevent the filter from overloading at high Q settings. The second input has a level control so that the percussive effects of overloading the filter can be exploited.

■ X-Fader (XFAD): an audiophile version of Serge’s equal-power cross fade unit, featuring a balanced output. The exponential VCA section offers the unique Serge VCA response and beautiful overdrive possibilities.

Mantra ist ein extrem vielseitiges Serge-System und bietet einen perfekten Einstieg in die Welt von Serge Modular.


Choisissez entre un boîtier régulier (60 mm) ou Super Slim (43 mm).

Livré avec un câble d'alimentation.

Parfaitement calibré.

Garantie complète de 2 ans.

Mantra est un système Serge extrêmement polyvalent et un début idéal dans le système musical Serge Modular.

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