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Tocante Studworth DIY

Tocante Studworth DIY

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3 PCBs of your favorite tocante sudworth models, circle, triangle and square.

Comes with 3x 2073d chips you need

Now you can build it yourself! Tocante studworth is a "through-hole" version, bigger by the relationship between 1/2 inch and one centimeter! I will send you a bare board so you can make your own case, find the parts on mouser and ebay, and install and solder them with a pretty finish. Good luck!

Both a manual to assemble an analog synthesizer, and a simulation of how to tune it by capacitor, so the relationship of comment to code is that of soldering to music. Presenting this file, studworth.scd, it first creates a library of available capacitor values in varying specificities from e3 to e12. The file then offers the “materials scale” for the synthesizer, which uses capacitor values equally in different interlocking patterns of serial and parallel. It also emulates various capacitor precision spreads, which result in detuning akin to granular synthesis. The magnum opus is to emulate a traditional musical scale, d minor, by picking capacitor recipes from a giant sorted list of all possible combinations. If you want to simulate the scales, please get Supercollider 3. Mouser BOM!




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