past /// (Berlin) Shnth Workshop starring Peter Blasser

past ///  (Berlin) Shnth Workshop starring Peter Blasser

February 4th
14:00h, Patch Point, Forster Str. 46, 10999 Berlin

We will have a Shbobo Shnth workshop with Peter Blasser explaining this amazing instrument.

The Shnth is a wooden synthesizer by Ciat-Lonbarde with a digital core. Peter Blasser created an analog controller with 4 bars, and 2 radio antennas.  
It has a microphone, stereo line input, 9 buttons, 4 bars, 2 radio controller antennas, and a stereo output. 

By attending the workshop you will purchase a Shnth, and learn about the philosophy and coding of the instrument for a special price of 495 Euro including VAT. 

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