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Serge Modular

Edelweiss III

Edelweiss III

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Serge Edelweiss III

Edelweiss III is the latest incarnation of Edelweiss. It may look like an ideal control panel, but it is also quite powerful in the audio range. Many modules like the GTS, GTO or DSG mk2 have been designed or optimized for audio performance and can be used as oscillators, filters or lowpass gates.

Edelweiss III - Modules

Serge GTS XL NEW! (4")  
Serge Mixer/Processor (1")  
Pulse Divider / Switches NEW! (2")  
Serge Active Processor+ 2017 Version (1")  
Serge DSG mk2 (3")  
Serge Mixer/Processor (1")  
Serge DUAL GTO / Noise NEW! (4")  
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