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Hainbach & My Panda Shall Fly - Borrowed Water (Tape)

Hainbach & My Panda Shall Fly - Borrowed Water (Tape)

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Analog gear hound Hainbach and beat alchemist My Panda Shall Fly bring forth an engaging set of works that highlight the human touch behind their respective stacks of machinery.
Side A evokes images of white fluorescent-lit geodesic domes with robots tending gardens and surgically-precise mechanical arms doing ikebana, while side B stretches out through other dimensions with melodic, tactile moire patterns that flutter about in the stereo field. Here, the supposed dualism of human and machine complement each other so nicely that one could envision, perhaps, an alternate soundtrack to Douglas Turnbull’s 1972 classic “Silent Running”.

released November 16, 2019

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