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Patch Point

Hainbach - Home Stories

Hainbach - Home Stories

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Transformation is possible. It frees the known to dare into the unknown. As humans have always been changing landscapes - for better or worse - Home Stories is about changing the well-known into the uncanny.


released August 24, 2021

Music by Hainbach
Mastered by SALZ Mastering
Curated by Felix Moser
Cover Photography by Julian Moser
Design by Aoki & Matsumoto

Published by Seil Records
© All Rights Reserved

*** 10% of Seil Records earnings go to charity. ***
It is our goal to make the world a more optimistic place. And music is one way to reach it. But we also want to help good people do good things. So we donate 10% of our label earnings to support non-profit organizations. These are organizations in the fields of helping the environment, humans in need, fighting racism or providing music education to underprivileged groups. On our social media channels we let you know every six months to which charity our donation went and help spread the word about their work.


all rights reserved
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