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Nagra SNN w/ Nagrastatic, SMR, Tapes, Case

Nagra SNN w/ Nagrastatic, SMR, Tapes, Case

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Nagra Portable Recording Package (Complete and Fully Tested)

  • NAGRA SNN full-track recording, 3 3/4 and 1 7/8 in./sec. (9.5 and 4.75 cm/s)
  • Nagrastatic Microphone
  • Nagra SMR Microphone with Vintage AKG C1 Capsule (sounds incredible)
  • Nagra Output Cable (mini jack to banana + ground)
  • Nagra SMR Manual & Schematics
  • 1 Empty Reel
  • 4 Spools of Tape
  • Case

From the Nagra Website:

Manufactured from 1970 to 2003

The NAGRA SN recorders (for “Série Noire”), in spite of their small size, produce exceptionally high quality recordings. It is much appreciated by reporters, who can record broadcast quality tapes and, at the same time, be more mobile.

It was originally ordered for the American Secret Service and was even taken to space as part of the Apollo missions.

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