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Serge Modular

Serge Mantra II

Serge Mantra II

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Serge Mantra II

Serge Mantra II

Mantra II is an extremely versatile Serge system and an ideal start in the Serge Modular music system. It comprises a number of modules designed or redesigned by Serge in 2020 to 2023 like the GTS and the GTO push the boundaries further than ever before.

Mantra II is available in 2 styles: anodized aluminum (classic) and coated in chalk gray.


Mantra II - Modules

Serge Sequencer 8 (4")  
Serge GTS XL NEW! (4")  
Serge GTO + Noise Source NEW! (2")  
Serge GTS NEW! (2")  
Serge Active Processor / Flip-Flop 2017 Version (1")  
Serge Variable Q VCF (VCFQ) Special* (2")  
X-Fader Balanced (1")  

Serge Mantra II panel

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