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Dual Precision Oscillator (PCO) / Peak and Trough

Dual Precision Oscillator (PCO) / Peak and Trough

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Serge Modular

Dual Precision Oscillator (PCO) / Peak and Trough

by Random*Source

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The Serge Precision Oscillator (PCO) is a versatile, voltage controlled oscillator offering sine, triangle, and saw outputs. The Random*Source version adds an additional pulse output. Based on the same core, the PCO offers the identical exponential response, exceptional tracking characteristics, and perfect temperature stability as the NTO. The Dual PCO contains PCOs in only 3", the top one with a second 1V/Octave input, the 2nd one a Hi / LO switch to extend the frequency range to sub-audio.

The Peak & Trough implements a Minimum and a Maximum function. Originally intended for control voltages, this module also offers some amazing audio possibilities. Peak has a floor at 0V, Trough output solely depends on the signals being sent in. Peak & Trough can act as a crude VCA, but also create AM or RING-like sounds.


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