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La Bestia II / TKB Double Wide

La Bestia II / TKB Double Wide

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Its the new La Bestia, not pictured with dual slopes :)

La Besta +TKB + wood sides

La Bestia II is a very dense voice and timbre panel, featuring the new 2017 Serge NTO with its amazing waveshaper. A DSG mk2 in an oscillator ("TimeGen") configuration offers up to 4 octaves of tracking. The famous Serge Wave Multipliers, an SSG and a Serge Noise Source, the 2 most prominent Serge filters, a high-end audio mixer and the R*S Stereo Mixer make this a powerful soundshaping tool.

The TKB - gold edition by Random*Source - is a super-slim and extended version of Serge's famous combination of a 16-step sequencer/programmer with a Touch keyboard. In addition to the original features, it offeres:

  • Glide function: when turned on, row B controls the amount of Glide for output A

  • Buffered GATE outputs

  • LEDs indicating the vertical stage

  • Vertical Reset

  • precision KEY V output calibrated to semitones

  • (optional) key priority

  • maximum sensitivity / smooth Pressure output

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