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A walkman with extension circuit that is powered by the walkman itself or by microusb DC 5v supply, controlling the Walkmans playback speed with buttons linked to the potmeters next to them. It is a simple device that makes it possible to playback tape in very slow speed and switch between selected speeds, intuitive and playful.
The walkman used is very low-fi, has background noise that is quite noticeable, it is mono, but it can record and playback. Has a build in radio (AM/FM, no extra controls over this radio are added). It can also eat your tapes.

- input cv in for playback speed control -5v to +10v (example: 0v = low pitch, 5v is high pitch, so it is in reverse from normal).
- output audio out from walkman.

- 4x pot for playback speed per push button momentary switch.
- 1x pot for global speed adjustment (fine tune, connected to all other pots in series).
- 1x ON/OFF toggle switch for 1st playback speed pot switch override.

- input microusb DC 5v supply.
- 2x AA battery, The range of the speed control pots is different when powered from a battery.

::Eating tapes
- Keep the capstan shaft clean, sometimes oil comes out from the bearing, make sure its not going on the capstan shaft. Keep the roller clean with alcohol. This helps agains the walkman eating your tapes. 
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