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Paperface 50 System Console (Helios/Paris Flash/Tempo di Roma)

Paperface 50 System Console (Helios/Paris Flash/Tempo di Roma)

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Product information "Serge Modular - Paperface 50 System Console (Helios/Paris Flash/Tempo di Roma)"


The highlight of Serge's birthday: The Paperface panels Helios, Paris Flash and Tempo di Roma as complete system.

A true classic that you can now have for yourself. The Paperface series, with a facelift for Serge's 50th birthday, consisting of the Helios, Paris Flash and Tempo di Roma panels. An incredibly versatile combination of the simplest building blocks, framed in a beautiful case that would also look great as a sculpture.

Helios is Serge's raw voice, consisting of two oscillators with waveshaper and filter. You can modulate the parameters with the Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG), which has noise, slewing, sample & hold and more. Rounded off by the Dual CV Processor, the Helios Panel is already great in itself. But wait and see, because there's a lot more to come...

You get more modulations, oscillators, filters and envelopes with the Paris Flash Slopes panel. Two positive and two negative slews allow you to create two freely shapeable waves that are equally suitable as oscillators or modulations. Another SSG and CV-Pro unit allow complicated cross-modulations and the envelope does exactly what you think it does, which is a good thing. The Dual Gates section performs VCA-like tasks, followed by another multimode filter.

Not had enough yet? Neither have we! Tempo di Roma is a sophisticated sequencer and programmer. It allows you to save very primitive presets, which are imitated even in today's Euroracks. Two of these programmers, a gate sequencer, logic, switches and a very reliable clock form the control center of your Paperface system and leave nothing to be desired.

A sophisticated instrument for demanding musicians and nerds! Simple functions that together form a coherent and flexible whole - that's the Paperface system.


  • Oscillator
  • Oscillator+
  • 2 x Smooth & Stepped Generator
  • 2 x Dual CV-Pro
  • Triple Waveshaper
  • 2 x 1973VCF
  • Positive Slew
  • Negative Slew
  • Envelope
  • Dual Gates
  • Gate Sequencer
  • 2 x Sequencer / Programmer
  • Clock
  • Router (Switch)
  • Logic (Max/Min) 
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