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Paperface Helios and Tempo Di Roma w/ Genuine Davies knobs!

Paperface Helios and Tempo Di Roma w/ Genuine Davies knobs!

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+ Maple Sides! 

+ Special Patch Point Edition w/ Genuine Davies knobs

for the real retro feel: (they cost 3 euro each!)

+ Banana ™ 26 Patch Cable Pack

Serge Modular Paperface 50th Aniversary Edition Helios and Tempo Di Roma

2 Panels in a Double Panel Walnut Cheeked System with the Random*Source Mobile PSU and Meanwell adapter and 26 Banana™ Patch Cables.

Genuine Davies Knobs were used on this Edition.  They cost 5x as much as the clones that are used in the normal Serge Productions :)

The Serge HELIOS is a powerful voice panel that brings the raw Paperface oscillator sound to a new level and is the ideal basis for both tonal and experimental sound explorations. Serge's redesign of the 1973 VCOs adds temperature compensation and exceptional tracking over 6+ octaves. The Oscillator+ adds an PULSE OUT with pulse width modulation.

TEMPO DI ROMA offers a unique combination of sequencing, programming, switching and logic, that brings Paperface to a new level. The classic GATE sequencer is no longer alone - two 4-step programmers that are also sequencers (with HOLD, RESET, UP/DOWN) can be run independently. Serge's new metronomic Clock is a precise, temperature-stable analog tempo source that can bring any of these sequencers to life. Three Bi-Directional Switches allow complex combinations of the Sequencers (or even audio signals). The bottom switch is special: it includes a Flip-Flop so that with the first trigger, the Switch is turned ON (and stays ON), until another trigger turns it OFF again. An additional FLOP output is also added. Last not least the panel contains a PEAK&TROUGH section. With logic signals, PEAK (max function) acts like an boolean OR, TROUGH (min function) like a boolean AND. However, PEAK&TROUGH can also be used with audio signals or

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