Collection: Knas

Knas (pronounced ka-nahs) is me, i am Knas. My name is Karl Ekdahl, and i am both the capitalist owner as well as the proletarian worker of the concept of Knas, which is a nickname given to me by my best friend over a decade ago. I am not however the only one who contributes to Knas. i have many friends that help out in all different kinds of ways and areas, most noticably Zoe Burke who has been making the bulk of moisturizers since 2013. Knas was started with the help of Martin Schmidt (of Matmos) in early 2009 and released it's first product, The Ekdahl Moisturizer, the same summer. Since then, Knas has been constantly working on producing Ekdahl Moisturizers for the purpose of world domination.