Patch Point

  • electronic music instruments
  • wooden synths & eKalimbas
  • studio, showroom & events
  • berlin / lisbon & ship WW
  • Please write if you have any questions.


Ciat-Lonbarde is a collection of wooden analog synthesizers designed by Peter Blasser encased in wood, and powered by DC, or battery.

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eKalimba by David Bellinger

The best electric kalimba in the world. Developed with over 30 years of love by David Bellinger.

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Serge Modular

A classic modular synthesizer from the 70s updated with the original designer to use modern components. Classic Serge sound with updated performance and fidelity.

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Banana™ by Patch Point

We designed these cables of various colours and sizes to work flawlessly with all banana instruments.

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