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Patch Point



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Klok Manual:

This is a eurorack clock module with features related to a clock. On the left you have the audio output that is the sound that the clock makes, it is amplified via a piezo, the piezo is gated via a vactrol witha build in envelope. The clock can be advanced interlay via the build in LFO, but it can also be advanced via a external gate signal. There is a volume pot for the volume of the clock.

The center input goes via the volume potmeter above it to the vactrol, here you can put in external signals, these will be mixed in with the sound of the clock and gated with the vactrol.

Then there are two outputs for the LFO, they are one square wave and one sort of triangle wave. The potmeter above them sets the speed, when turned all the way to the left the LFO will stop oscillating and hold its state.

+12v (Power consumption should be not much, maybe 100ma)
-12v (maybe 20ma?)
Width is 12HP
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