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No Drums 2015 in 2019

No Drums 2015 in 2019

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Batch of No Drums for 2019 - nothing has changed except for the look!

The module that tries to sound like drum sounds but mostly fails at it.

Mini jack connection:

  • trigger in

  • gate in

  • CV starve

  • CV oscillator A

  • trigger out for oscillator A

  • CV oscillator B

  • 10V PP output

Potentiometer controls:

  • potentiometer starve

  • potentiometer oscillator A

  • switch high/low frequency for oscillator A

  • potentiometer oscillator B

  • output volume

Das Modul, das versucht, nach Drum Sounds zu klingen, aber meistens dabei scheitert. 


  • Trigger in

  • Gate in

  • CV starve

  • CV Oszillator A

  • Trigger out für Oszillator A

  • CV Oszillator B

  • 10V PP output

Potentiometer Controls:

  • Potentiometer starve

  • Potentiometer Oszillator A

  • Schalter high/low Frequency für Oszillator A

  • Potentiometer Oszillator B

  • Output Volume

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