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Rhythm / Dual VCA / Divide by N

Rhythm / Dual VCA / Divide by N

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Rhythm / Dual VCA / Divide by N

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The Serge Rhythm Module (RHYTHM) combines 3 beat oriented modules:

RHYTHM is a special step sequencer that allows to create (808-style) pulse patterns by setting 8 switches. When a clock providing 16th steps is sent in, the first (top) switch determines whether the 1st (Switch: UP) or 2nd (Switch: DOWN) or neither (Switch:CENTER) of these 2 steps is sent to the (main) OUT. Similarly, the 2nd switch controls the 3rd and 4th step (16th) and so on.

The steps controlled by the odd-numberd switches (#1, #3, #5, #7) are also sent to the ODD output, the others to the EVEN out. This way EVEN and ODD out can be used 2 trigger 2 different envelopes or similar.


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