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Ciat Lonbarde

Cocoquantus 2

Cocoquantus 2

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instrument bag
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by Ciat-Lonbarde


—> Comes with Universal 12v PSU

Sampler, Modulator, Delay and Looper Modular Synthesizer.


Cocoquantus fast facts by Peter Blasser:

  • it comes from a series of 8 bit digital delays, starting with the ambrazier, srine, and tranoe, then the cocolase, and most recently the cocostuber. all had two inputs and two outputs, for two separate digital delays (stereo)

  • the digital delay being made from discrete silicon chips, it is "2012 ready:" with no flash memory 2 B erased by solar flares. as a discrete device it also offers unique possibilities for clock modulation of your samples.

  • it incorporates something from each of the previous COCO incarnations, but also stands on its own as a new synthesizer.

  • materials include: Walnut, Sassafras, Ash, Cherry, circuit board, transistors, capacitors, and resistors. It is RoHS compliant.

  • the face of the instrument is an esoteric, Washington DC, spell, consisting of two obelisks and one pentagon in the middle.

  • inside each obelisk is a little "counting computer" that samples your inputs and "loops" them.

  • your inputs for each obelisk (COCO digital delay) can be a piezo via high impedance piezo input, microphone via XLR, or a low impedance synth input.

  • speaking of synth input, it is designed to go very well with the stereo gesture output of the Sidrazzi organ 

  • the COCO devices on this version are the most fully tricked out ever. they include a standardized "dolby" filter to reduce silence-noise, which also can have a side effect of punching silence into that which is looped. alongside the dolby filter are verso and inverso VCA inputs for both input and feedback. speed knob, node (control of clock frequency), and affect knob, that allows you to dial how drastic or subtle to modulate. "iron cross" output node, that is a sort of "universal" frequency readout of the actual digital circuitry itself. flip and skip inputs, as always. sample switch enables the device to loop any sample FOREVER as long as power is continuous.

  • the QUANTUSSY in the middle, a pentagon design of oscillators, can demonstrate serious chaos, at low frequencies as well as audio rate... thus it is specially designed to give many options for modulating the COCO

Works great with an ekalimba or a daxophone


Cocoquantus2 Cable Pack + Tifa Cable Bag Includes:

2 x 3 cm Pink Shorting Bar

2 x 7 cm Sky Blue

3 x 15 cm Aqua

3 x 30 cm Orange

3 x 40 cm Lime Green

2 x 50 cm Purple

1 x 25 cm Baby Blue Eurorack+ Cable

1x 50cm Matcha Eurorack+ Cable

1x 75cm Strawberry Milkshake Eurorack+ Cable

1 of a kind Bag for your cables!

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