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Ciat Lonbarde

Srine (Pre-Order)

Srine (Pre-Order)

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instrument bag
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Din Datin Dudero - Srine

Pre-Order 2-4 months

--> PSU 12v Included

Oval Synthesizer (Touch Node Version)

A baroque analogue computer, with two knobs, to generate music out of the back-and-forth gestures.

in stock 4 out of 10 remain.

Now with 2 stereo 3.5mm input jacks on the front!

We worked with Peter Blasser to make 1 version of this instrument to encompass both versions: the banana jack version and the touch node version. This version has solid metal banana jacks which you can touch to make patches, or patch: The best of both worlds. This first production run is 10 units (1 stays in our studio).

A baroque analogue computer. A selection of analogue processes organized into modules more whimsical than the typical VCA or VCO by virtue of their interwovenness. The output of one feeds into the other, and around so in a loop. This eliminates a goal-centred need for chaining the modules together in narrative, linear structures, since they twitter quite interestingly on their own.


Two knobs:

there are two oscillators that derive their pitch and envelope from clockwise and counter-clockwise movement. To detect change in direction (clockwise to counter-clockwise or vice versa) a small capacitor feeds the knob voltage to a hysteresis circuit. Hysteresis, also known as positive feedback, senses any change in direction, to manifest a “0” or “1” transition for the direction.] that sends separate spikes to analogue switches, resulting in a very learnable sample-and-hold circuit. Likewise, to generate an envelope, a capacitor decouples the nob gesture, differentiating it into intensities of acceleration, separated by direction. It is silent when non-played.

The Button:

It has the button and a more sophisticated internal switch — a circuit that turns itself off. The button triggers an active component, a MOSFET to energize the circuit. (A MOSFET, or Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, is a transistor with an insulated gate at a physical proximity close enough for an electrical field to trigger conduction in the main channel. It is often used for power circuit controls). Furthermore, the instrument can keep itself on by shunting its sampling pulses through transistors to the MOSFET gate; by playing the knobs, the instrument maintains aliveness.

The instrument turns itself off after a few seconds of non-playing

The Banana Jacks (Nodes):

Androgynous nodes that represent both input and output. Inter-sandrodes bring forth the very innards of analogue process cells, while intra-sandrodes arise from connections (modulations) between larger blocks. The slower moving modulations are on the outside, and the faster ones are in the Middle.



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