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Ciat Lonbarde

Golden Section

Golden Section

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Presenting the Golden Section.

5 modules on one wood base (Peterlin, 2 x Gold, 2 x Section)

A Peterlin accompanied by supplemental modules: a gesture controller named Gold after the gilding which composes its antenna, and a voltage sampler attenuverter called Section.

Gold is a gesture controller with 2 gesture points perfect for opening and closing the filter, or tuning the oscillator up and down.  Orange is the Output for each Gold.

Section is a voltage sampler where the Green are the 2 inputs for the voltage sampling, and the 2 Blue are the CV control. Orange is the Output for each Section.  A perfect patch to get your section rolling is any 2 Orange outputs on the Golden Section, whether they are from the Peterlin or the Gold

The Tifa Medium Bag included in the bag option perfectly fits the instrument, and is not show to scale here :)

The Cable pack is:

2 x Flexible Banana Shorting Bars Patch Cable

2 x 7cm Sky Blue Banana Patch Cable

3 x 20cm Neon Pink Angled Banana Patch Cable

3 x 35cm Peach Angled Banana Patch Cable

1 x 50cm Matcha Stereo Patch Cable

Comes with Universal PSU

In Stock Ships in Order received.

The first run is 50 units.

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