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Haible - VC Poly Resonator (EURORACK)

Haible - VC Poly Resonator (EURORACK)

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Small discount for store demo (full warranty) light use.

The Haible VC Resonator is an evolution of Jürgen Haible’s Resonator which was inspired by the Polymoog Resonator. As Jürgen stated: “The Polymoog, an early polyphonic synthesizer, featured a 3-band “Resonator” section that allows Formant-Filtering in addition to its dynamic Filters. Such a Resonator is a very useful feature for analogue synthesizers”. Each of the three (now overlapping) filter bands has a control for frequency, signal gain, and emphasis (resonance). The VC Resonator now not only adds VC control for each band, but also extends the ranges whithin which each frequency band can be set - adjacent bands can now overlap or even cross over, for instance the LOW and MED bands can now be set (or moved!) so that the LOW center frequency is higher than the MED frequency.

Jürgen’s original Resonator (like the Polymoog) had a switch to select one of 3 basic modes, i.e. only one mode could be used at a time. The Haible VC Resonator now provids the same 3 modes as separate outputs so they can be used simultanously, e.g. for further processing like crossfading.

Some details of the Haible VC Resonator:

  • Evolution of Jürgen Haible's design
  • Added Voltage Control for Filter bands
  • Extended range of each band (overlapping)
  • Three separate outputs
  • Burr-Brown op-amps and high-end VCAs
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 18 hp
  • Skiff-friendly: < 30mm deep
  • Power: appr. 60mA @ +12V and 60mA @ -12V

User Manual here

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