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Music Thing Modular



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Pocket-sized MIDI controller with built in Accelerometer!



The 8mu is a pocket-sized MIDI controller (slightly smaller than a credit card!) with eight faders that can send messages via MIDI. The 8mu also has a built in accelerometer which measures how the device is being held. This creates eight more control signals, mapped to gestures like “lift the front” or “turn me over”. There are four tiny buttons along the top edge, which can be configured to send MIDI notes (like a keyboard) or control signals.

MIDI data is sent via a 3.5mm TRS MIDI output, which can be Type A or Type B, and via USB-C. Only standard USB data lines are used, so it should work on any USB computer with an adaptor. The device is also powered via USB. 8mu can store 8 banks of CC settings which can be accessed using the left and right buttons on each side of the device.

8mu has a web editor where you can edit all the settings: Launch the 8mu Editor, and there is a quickstart guide printed on the back or here’s a quickstart PDF

The 8mu design was inspired by the 16n project but the hardware is quite different. The editor is a modified version of the 16n editor by Tom Armitage. 8mu cannot send i2c or CV, but it’s designed to be open and hackable and can be re-programmed in Arduino or Circuit Python code.

8mu – Build Guide | Quickstart Guide | Web Editor | 8mu @ Music Thing

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered


  • Body: 81 x 47 x 13mm.
  • Height with fader caps and plastic feet: 26mm
  • Weight: 65g



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