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Sequencer/Programmer 8 (SEQ8XL)

Sequencer/Programmer 8 (SEQ8XL)

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Factory built. 2 year warranty.

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The SEQ8XL is a modern incarnation of Serge's analog sequencer / programmer. 8 stages. 2 rows of CV output. A - B (A minus B) outouts the difference between A and B (-5 to 5V range). The length of sequences can be set via the pushbuttons - while a sequence is running. RESET, UP/DOWN, HOLD inputs. Switch to start / stop the sequencer. PULSE STAGE SELECT inputs allow selecting specific stages. great at audio rates. ALL GATE output goes high when any button is pressed (or a stage is selected by a pulse input) and allows the use of the SEQ8 as a simple mini-keyboard.

Standard Edition has the flat white buttons.

Special Edition has the classic Serge Style Buttons



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