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Serge - 4 Panel System

Serge - 4 Panel System

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We can make another one upon request...
Here we have our latest 4 panel offering:
Serge Modular - Inori 
Serge Modular - Crocodile
Serge Modular - VC RESEQ and SQP4+
Serge Modular - TKB (your choice black or gold touch keystrip)
Case is legendary oak and is by Ross Lamond.
In Stock and ready for shipping!
For power we reccomend the Konstantlab Quader.
IF YOU PAY BY BANK TRANSFER WE WILL GIVE 75 FREE CABLES, or 2% OFF.  We get hit with huge fees from paypal / credit card on this beauty.   THIS WILL BE THE ONLY ONE WE WILL SELL in 2024! 

1 of a kind system 

Shipping worldwide via your prepared method. 

Buyer will pay actual shipping cost, and we will refund or bill to hit actual based on shipping destination and carrier. 

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