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First Aid

First Aid

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CV-PRO / Mixer / Dual ACPR+

The Serge FIRST AID is a combination of powerful utility modules both for CV and audio signals:

DUAL Serge Active Pro Plus - an extended version of the ultra-precise 2019 Serge Active Pro that can be used as a VC-controlled attenuverter or a 4 quadrant multipier and a MIX output (nice for drones!). In NORMAL mode each side acts like a normal ACPR, generating a CV-controlled linear crossfade between IN 1 and IN 2. In SPECIAL mode the ACPR acts like a voltage-controlled attenuverter or ring modulator: just send a carrier signal into IN 2 and a mdulator into CV and set the fader to center.

The precision CV-Processor combines the classic Serge CV-Pro (non-linear adding) with precise AUX inputs so that 1V/Oct signals can be processed. Another mixer for audio and CV is also on board.

Some details:

  • Dual hi-precision linear XFader (ACPR)

  • Plus: MIX-out for ACPRs

  • Plus: CV-attenuation for ACPRs

  • Plus: Special 4 quadrant mode

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