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Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer (TKB)

Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer (TKB)

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by Random*Source

Please choose from regular (66 mm) or slim (43 mm) boat or XL boats

The long awaited new and improved Serge TKB.

Now with glide and vertical reset.


The TKB - gold edition by R*S - is a super-slim and extended version of Serge's famous combination of a 16-step sequencer/programmer with a Touch keyboard. In addition to the original features, it offeres:

  • Glide function: when turned on, row B controls the amount of Glide for output A

  • Buffered GATE outputs

  • LEDs indicating the vertical stage

  • Vertical Reset

  • precision KEY V output calibrated to semitones

  • (optional) key priority

  • maximum sensitivity / smooth Pressure output

Lead time of 2-4 weeks


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